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Perfect German Pronunciation in 21 days (Impress others)

January 20, 2021

In this blog article I am going to show you exactly the tricks I used for mastering Hindi pronunciation. And you can use the same tricks for your German Pronunciation  and become super successful! Let’s go!


Getting the pronunciation right is soo important. I still remember when I was coming to India the first time and nobody could get what I was saying. That was so frustrating! And maybe you have already experienced the same with your German. If not you probably will. 

I had to do a lot of trial and error and it took me a lot of time and effort to figure out the approach I am sharing with you. After reading it until the end you will have much more success in a shorter time than I did.

Known German Sounds

Firstly you need to know that there are sounds in German you already know from Hindi, but you do not have the correct connection between letter and sound. So you need to learn this connection.

For me I needed to learn the whole new Devanagari alphabet and learn for example that the German “A” sound is mostly “आ“ in Hindi. At that time there was nobody to help me to find out the connection between these and it was really difficult. But you are lucky because you have me ;-)

And you also have to learn this connection between the symbols and the sounds (which is very different from English, which can cause you a lot of trouble while learning!).

Unknown German Sounds

Then there are sounds in German, that don’t exist in your language. You need to first understand how you can produce these, then practice them. This was really difficult for me, almost impossible, because I did not know any Hindi speaker who could show me. At that time I almost gave up, so I really know how hard this can be. But again, good for you, cause you have me ;-) 

Later, when I had Indian friends, they showed me how to pronounce the things correctly and I practiced wherever I went. It really annoyed people, so I want to really thank my family and friends that they were still patient with me. 

But I did not stop until I could spontaneously produce these sounds whenever I wanted. So, if people around you are getting annoyed with your practicing it means you are on a very good track ;-) 
And then, for some sounds you will also have to train your ears to recognize those sounds correctly when other people are making them, for example the difference between “u” and “ü”.

Native German Pronunciation Tricks

And then you need to also understand how we native German speakers change our pronunciation when we speak vs. to what is written. 

In Hindi for example you would write “Mai chal raha hoon.” But what you say is “Mai chalraaoon.”, which was super confusing for me in the beginning and I did not understand anything people were saying. But then I investigated this topic and integrated it into my own speaking to sound much more local and it was much easier for me to fit in with the locals afterwards.

I know from my own experience how hard it can be to master the pronunciation of a foreign language, especially if you only have learning material in another foreign language. Like I had to learn Hindi through English. I saw a lot of Hindi speakers really struggle with the German pronunciation and missing out on the success that they deserve, in private and at work. Therefore, I really like helping you and to build a bridge for you to easily learn my beautiful language, increase your horizon and find the success you deserve!

This is why I have created an online German pronunciation course in Hindi. There you will get all the tricks adapted for your situation as German learner from a Hindi background. This will lift your German language skills to the next level. This training and the tricks and details really work and you will be surprised what you and your German skills can become. And how a whole new world can open up for you. 

So check out this course now

I really want to see you succeed!

Stay blessed, looking forward to meeting you there!

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