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The Ultimate Guide to Learn German Online for Free

September 10, 2020

This is the Ultimate Guide to Learn German for Free. We all love learning new languages. Reasons may vary for different people. Some people just want to learn a new language because it looks great on their CV, some people like travelling a lot and they need to learn different languages so that they don't face any communication trouble later  and some of us think of it as a hobby. German happens to be one of the sought after languages to learn because a lot of students from India travel to Germany for technical studies and some of them even get jobs there. Germany is also thought of as a shortcut to NASA for the people who always dreamed about being a technical expert in a real spaceship. But just so it happens, German is also one of the harder languages to learn. So it's necessary to find a good place to learn. In this era, people who just want to earn money by doing little work, open up coaching centers for Linguistic Skills without proper background and without knowing appropriate teaching methods. One has to  beware of these kinds of institutions. Unlike English, German has a lot of grammar rules and is quite different. Though, German does share some similar vocabulary with English. Learning becomes complicated when a person who's a native speaker of some other language is forced to learn German using English as a medium. This way they  can never learn the right way of pronunciation which is the most important part of any language.


Popular Options to Learn German Online for Free


  There are various apps and websites that offer learning German online for free. Most popular of them are: 

  • Duolingo: This might be the most famous app out there, that offers a variety of languages both on Android and iOS platforms. The problem is that there's no option for native language speakers to learn German through Hindi medium. Also, it might teach you some of the most common phrases and sentences but cannot give you full grammatical knowledge of the language. 


  • Busuu: This is another app designed with various reading, writing and speaking lessons. While this app solves the medium and knowledge problem, it's not entirely free. To even get the course completion certificate, you have to pay, which might be a problem for numerous users. 


  • Foreign Services Institute: This is a more formal kind of learning method. You get your notes in pdf format and audio recordings and you just have to study from them. This tends to get boring after a while and demotivates the user to continue further. 


  • Livemocha: It is a unique website that provides live instructors along with classic instructions. Plus, here you can make friends like a normal classroom. It works on a point system though and you need to earn enough points to buy the next lesson. You have to be really serious if you want to learn using this method. 


  • Memrise: It's based on flash card learning and user generated lessons. That makes it look a little fishy. You can learn the basics here but it's not for mainstream learning. 


  • Internet Polyglot: This also works on flash card basis but it lacks a polished touch. Mobile apps also haven't been updated recently so there are a lot of bugs there that need fixing. 


  • Lang-8: It works on the user interaction basis too. Although, this is just for fine tuning a language you're already learning from a different platform. You cannot learn a whole new language here. 


  • Anki: It is a broader computer program where you can learn any subject including languages. But the problem is, not every language is available here and it only works as a flash card program. 


  All these methods, while nice individually, cannot make you an expert of German. These apps will make you believe that they can do it all for you. That's not true. You have to do that yourself.  You should have confidence in yourself and stay dedicated to the task. Don't give up easily. Learning anything is a long and tedious task but keep your eyes on the goal and you will eventually succeed.  Remember how in school teachers used to make us read English even when we couldn't understand what we were reading? But eventually we started understanding and also learned the correct pronunciation of words. Now that you're learning a new language, you should read a lot in that language.  What you actually need is not an app or website that teaches you bits and pieces of a language but something else that can make you understand the language in more depth.  YouTube offers a variety of channels which are all fully free and offer a solution to the app problem. But again there's the problem of using English as a medium. Thankfully, there's a channel that uses Hindi as a medium of teaching and is becoming increasingly popular in natives of India. The channel is called Indo-German Guide and is actually taught by a native German speaker in Hindi. This unique combination is a real treat for you if you want to learn German properly.

Indo-German Guide offers a free and rich learning experience on YouTube, along with free study materials, a learning community, Chat-groups for practice and much more. And all of that taught by a native German in Hindi. By a native for learners in their native language. The channel is new, which makes the teacher and content creator very approachable. They are working hard to provide the highest value to their community and are rewarded with a quickly growing channel and great feedback for their valuable contributions.

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