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Deutsch in Hindi Advance Glossary - Grammar Terms

March 31, 2021
The German language is the most important way into the German culture and life. Learning German can be hard for people who do not speak English, as most of the courses provided through another language are in English. This confuses the people coming from non native English speaking countries, like India. I constantly see Indians making mistakes in things that actually should come naturally to them, if only they could learn through their native languages. I have spent years learning Hindi and working with differences and similarities between India and Germany, Hindi and German.

I do know that Hindi is not the native language of everyone in India. With such a large number of beautiful languages, great heritage and wonderful history and wisdom, I'm on a quest to make German language learning more accessible and easy for Indians. Starting with Hindi as the most spoken local Indian language, it's my dream to include more and more languages from India.

In this glossary, you will find the grammar terms of Deutsch in Hindi. I also have the English column for you to refer to. The glossary will grow bigger with time and more terms will be included.

I would love your feedback and suggestion in making this glossary better and more useful. You can mail me at

All the best,
1Adjektiv, das विशेषणadjectiveschön, groß, klein, schnell, …विशेषण kissi संज्ञा ki visheshta ke baare mein batata hai.
2Adverb, dasक्रिया विशेषणadverbschön, groß, klein, schnell, …क्रिया विशेषण kissi kariya ki visheshta ke baare mein batata hai.
3Akkusativ, derकर्म कारकaccusative caseden Mann, die Frau, das Kind
4Aktivkartavacyaactive voiceDas Kind wäscht.
5Dativ, derसंप्रदान कारकdative casedem Mann, der Frau, dem Kind
6Deklinationकारक racnadeclensionder Mann des Mannes dem Mann den Mann
7Fall, derकारकcaseder Mann (Nominativ) des Mannes (Genitiv) dem Mann (Dativ) den Mann (Akkusativ)
8Konsonant, dervyanjanconsonantB, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, …
9Nomen, dasसंज्ञाnounMann, Frau, Kind, Haus, Auto, …
10Nominativकर्ता कारकnominativeDer Mann isst.

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