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About Indo-German Guide

It all started when my wife was looking for a German course in India (of course before we met) and hit lots of roadblocks. She wanted to:

- Learn from a native German teacher
- Occasional online live sessions to clear doubts in IST
- Learning which is fun & doesn't fade into boring lessons
- Intercultural learning
- A teacher who can connect German grammar with Hindi grammar rather than just English
- In short a one stop shop for learning not only German but also about Germans and Germany

She failed to find any institute that offered that in India.

So guess what? She packed her bag and moved to Germany.

After working there for a fair amount of time her quest to find the ultimate German course didn’t become reality.

Because where can you find a German who knows India and can speak Hindi? Then we met!

My name is Markus and I would like to offer my German courses, specifically made for Hindi speakers, to you.

Learning a language is not a short journey but it doesn’t have to be boring. I know exactly the difficulties faced while learning a new language.

I started learning Hindi many years ago and went through the same issues which Indians run into. Now after having more than a decade of professional experience in inter-cultural working and management, I'm ready to help you.

We have dived deep into German Language and it's relationship with Hindi and English. With our courses you'll not only be ready for your exams but more importantly for real life in Germany.

So don’t worry. You are in the right hands.

Let's learn German, about Germans and Germany!
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