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Why Choose our Courses?

Tailor-made for Hindi Speakers

No detours through English.

Effective Teaching Methods

Designed for easy understanding. So you never forget.

German Quality

Highest Quality. Affordable pricing.

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Learning German Shouldn't be Hard.

  • Being a native German, when I started learning Hindi the only resources available were in English.
  • Learning a third language through a second language was hard. The process took much longer.

  • Do you forget your German grammar or vocabulary if you take a break from learning?
  • Do you have to start all over again for topics that you have already covered?
  • Do you have to google what an English grammar term means to fully understand it?

  • Back then I encountered all these problems myself. Learning through my mother tongue, instead, I tend to understand and remember instantly.
  • Therefore, in this course everything is set up for you. So that you can learn German without any friction.

Markus, Indo-German Guide

Who's the Course For?

Professionals who want to work in Germany or a German Company
Students who want to study in Germany
Entrepreneurs and Businesses who want to expand to German market and clients 
Travelers who want to go to Germany or German speaking countries 

How much is learning German fast worth to you?

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Our courses are tailor-made for a Hindi speaking audience by a Native German.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes. After purchase you have 7 days to refund the course and get back your money. Just send us a mail to

Why to learn German?

German is one of the most widely spoken languages in the EU. With around 210 million native speakers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Luxembourg. Learning German is the first step before you land in those countries. In Germany, you will not find a lot of people who speak English and English is not used in any public place on sign boards, railway station, metro etc. Thus, it is highly advised to learn at least basic German before you arrive.

Why Indo-German Guide?

Our courses are the only courses you will find on the internet, specifically curated for a Hindi speaking audience and taught by a native German. With this you will learning German faster and more effectively.

How long will it take me to complete the German A1 Level Course?

Everyone has a different pace at which he/she learns. If you are consistent and regular, then you should be able to complete your A1 course within 3 months time. You do have an access for 1 year in case you want to take it slow and easy.

How long will it take me to complete the German Pronunciation Course Pro?

Everyone has a different pace at which he/she learns. If you are consistent and regular, then you should be able to complete your pronunciation course within 1-2 months time. You have access for 6 Months for revision and practice.

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